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“Wade McDonald – HHG Legal Group” turns court case into circus

January 5, 2013

If the case of The Jeremy Shum Company v. EUPA Training Council (JOO/GCLM/4/2012) at the Joondalup Magistrates Court couldn’t be more interesting, there has now been a twist: all eyes and ears on the lawyer, Wade McDonald (HHG Legal Group) representing EUPA Training Council.

42-year-old Mr Wade McDonald has being exposed of being described by Police as “yelling and screaming”, Sydney Morning Herald noting “five previous convictions”, a history of aggresive and violent behaviour, all of which is questioning whether Mr. McDonald is “fit and proper” to be a lawyer in the WA Courts.

Interesting come back for the “little man”:

After an individual named “Kevin G. Wang” requested for further information:

I am in want of further information on this case for a publication I am making. Please see the below email for further information.

—-Forwarded Message—-



Sent: Tue, Dec 18, 2012 7:24 AM PST

Subject: Investigation into sham contracting arrangement at EUPA Training Council – regarding a Mr. Jeremy Shum and Ms. Jude Marinoni

Dear Mr. David Gordon Love,

My name is Kevin and I am a blog investigator.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to make an official response that I will publish on an article I am writing.

The allegations I wish to address are those that have been enlisted on this petition (

It is alleged that in one of your sworn oaths, you make reference to a “true copy” of a document you have created, entitled DGL-1, to which you state you offer a Research Officer position on a “casual basis”. Can you explain why this constitutes a casual arrangement, employed the services of Mr. Shum for 38 hours a week (full time), for a set period (half a year)?

Also, you have stated in your sworn oath in Part 5 “Upon Jeremy Shum’s request to me, the research officer position was instead ofered to a company he controlled”. I wish to ask about a previous employee named Ms. Jude Marinoni, who is alleged to have been employed on a sham contracting arrangement by EUPA too. Can you confirm or deny whether Ms. Marinoni was contracted? And if so, do you allege that you had done it previously, but no longer use that in your practice, and that the sham contracting arrangement was only offered on this basis on the request of Mr. Shum?

Kind regards,

Kevin G. Wang

An individual by the name of “Taylor Swift” responded:

Kevin, got some further details for you.

If you ask the Joondalup Magistrates Court to give you a look, you will find the lawyer representing Mr. David Gordon Love is a “Mr. Wade McDonald” from HHG Legal Group. His full name is “Wade Christian McDonald” and he is 42yo (at least in late 2012). The guy is a Labour Party hack. He damaged John Howard’s car, and advertised all over Sydney Morning Herald ( Let’s say this gentlemen has had “previous dealings” with the Perth Magistrates Court.

He pleaded guilty to “one count each of disorderly conduct and damaging property”.

He was protesting at the WA Liberal Party state conference. Police accuse Wade McDonald of throwing himself on the bonnett, and grabbing hold of the decorative Australian flag.

This guy is a bit delusional. He described the protest as, “There was a lot of anger on the day, there is a war going on”. Anybody who describes a protest as a “war” has serious psychosocial issues.

Police also accused him of “yelling and screaming”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Wade McDonald had “five previous convictions”.

This is not a one off thing.

Mr. Wade McDonald has a history of aggressive and violent behaviour.

Just a warning to beware of this psychopath.

(And this is not something in the “past”. Although it occured in 2006, HHG states that Mr. McDonald was admitted to legal practice in “2000”. Having 3 criminal convictions from previous, this one making it the fourth, to me suggests he is not “fit and proper” to be a lawyer.)

However, if you simply look at the severe overweight, and psychopathic facial structure that Mr. Wade McDonald has, you wouldn’t be surprised anyway.

A blogger in August 2006 said “McDonald has a history of… using violence and violently opposing those who hold views different to his.” ( Rhetorically, the article finishes saying “$1211 for a repeat offender, isn’t this felow supposed to be an example for the rest of us peasants [as a lawyer], rule of law and all that.”

Using his “legal skills”, Wade McDonald has obviously got this site removed (,23599,20006643-1245,00.html), but it describes how “a Perth magistrate said today… [Wade McDonald] was a ‘moron’ who had brought shame to Australia”.

Wade McDonald can apparently be contacted on here “0402 859 822”, which shows this guy knew McDonald. “He lives in the inner city, Highgate it seems!” is noted.

It also describes Wade McDonald as having “connections with Socialist alliance people” (

Another user who says he had “saw him [Wade] on the news… said he had no regrets and another lawyer said he was a great embarassment to his country”. Also, “for someone having a job like his [lawyer] should know better than blaming the government”.

It was also reported on the ABC, etc etc, just “Google” him… Not of very reputable character, this guy.

Another individual, “John Wen” then replied:

Ah, Mr. Wade McDonald in the news again. How is your attempt to sabotage HHG Legal, Mr. McDonald? Last time, he told me he was going to try and “get near” Simon Creek, so he could “screw” him over. That’s how far Mr. Wade McDonald is willing to go, that “Labour Party hack”, in order to wage his “war” against the Liberal Party.

Bunch of politicians there at HHG Legal. Mr. Simon Creek was a “candidate” at the Liberal Party pre-selection for Bateman (running against Christian Porter), however “aborted due to family illness” (and we all know what that means!) He was also member at the LIberal Party State Leader’s Forum, and Member of the Liberal Party of Australia (WA Division) since Jul 2008.

What I would actually describing as “misleading and deceptive” however, is Mr. Wade McDonald’s statement that he is experienced “with a focus on practical dispute resolution”. Hmm…. Last time I checked, dispute resolution didn’t involve violence, and four counts of criminal conduct, Wade!

PS: the email addresses of the folks at HHG Legal Group are as follows. I’ve only got them for the senior team, so that’s Simon Creek, Murray Thornhill, Janene Bon, Jade Lattimore, Wade McDonald, Darren South, Bernadette Duell, Marnie Parkinson, Aleta Shilton, Darryl Stewart, Chantelle McGarvie, Sam Ngai, Etienne Swanepoel, Jim Crockett (from Cumberland Consulting Group), is:,,,,,,,,,,,,, If you also want to contact the Cumberland Consulting group, there’s Jacqueline Hagan, Cliff Carter, and Mel Carnachan on:,,

David Panas then replied:

The EUPA Training Council is one “qusetionable” business. Just look online…. things like…..

1) Serena Panas, an employee there, running a “business” in the trucking industry “on the side” of her job working in admin

2) Kevin Peachey’s messy divorce, that had him losing his house to his wife because of the abuse his wife endured… (aren’t we surprised she cheated with another man? Whamoo to you, Kev!)

3) Their use of the petty cash fund to buy food and drink…

4) Their hiring of Jeremy Shum, and before that, Jude Marinoni, as a “contractor”, aka SHAM CONTRACTING

5) And now we find out their lawyer is dodgy… Mr Wade McDonald has been arrested and convicted of crimes FOUR TIMES…. despite these occurring in his 40’s when one would “expect” him to “grow up”

6) Trying to hire “hitmen” and “private investigators” and use of internet forums to “defame” past employees… Ask Mr. Love he knows what I’m talking about! Quite experienced at sabotage and political attack, he is 😉

The list just keeps getting longer! (One can only wait unti lthis story is reported in full in the Sydney Morning Herald!)

Finally another user “Jesus Answers” responded, carbon copying the email to the Joondalup Magistrates Court:

I’ve contacted the company using the email addresses you gave me. Also copied to the Joondalup Court house, as well as the folks at EUPA.

Dear Simon,

I’m unsure if you’re aware of this Internet posting but I ask you to

address this with your employee, a 42-year-old Mr Wade McDonald with

utmost urgency.

An individual by the name of Mr. Wen (see excerpt below) has made a

forum posting stating:

: How is your attempt to sabotage HHG Legal, Mr. McDonald? Last time, he

told me he was going to try and “get near” Simon Creek, so he could

“screw” him over. That’s how far Mr. Wade McDonald is willing to go,

that “Labour Party hack”, in order to wage his “war” against the Liberal


Another notion that is also raised is that HHG Legal has been

“misleading and deceptive” because Mr. Wade McDonald’s profile describes

him “with a focus on practical dispute resolution”. As the author

rhetorically says:

: Hmm…. Last time I checked, dispute resolution didn’t involve

violence, and four counts of criminal conduct, Wade!

However, Police have accused Mr. Wade McDonald of “yelling and

screaming”, and the Sydney Morning Herald noted that Mr. McDonald had

“five previous convictions”. Of which several occurred in his 40’s, when

one would expect him to “grow up”. This is not a one off thing. Mr. Wade

McDonald has a history of aggressive and violent behaviour.

As you may notice, I am a client of HHG Legal, although my name has been

suppressed. I will immediately move to file a complaint against the WA

Supreme Court, to have Mr. McDonald re-assesed for whether he is “fit

and proper”, in light of four criminal convictions, and the comments by

a Perth Magistrate that said “[Wade McDonald] was a ‘moron’ who had

brought shame to Australia”. To the news camera, another lawyer has also

raised that Mr. McDonald seemed “unremorseful”.

I have also carbon copied the Joondalup Magistrates Court to the file in

to JOO/GCLM/4/2012.

Thank you.



So there you have it, guys. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to “JOO/GCLM/4/2012” being heard in the Joondalup Magistrates Court.


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